Filomena Barreto Ferreira

Founder and President of ATENA Foundation


Born on February 24, 1952 in Praia, Cabo Verde, Filomena Ferreira is a social activist with over 40 years of experience in supporting disadvantaged populations and promoting the rights of women and children. As an African citizen, she is engaged in constructing a continent where the preservation of national identities goes hand in hand with the consolidation of inclusive education.

Caixa Postal 293, 

Codex, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau


TEL: +245 965 076 532


Empower Girls and Women of Guinea-Bissau

About ATENA Foundation

ATENA Foundation was established 2015 by Filomena Barreto Ferreira as an independent legal entity set up for charitable purposes in Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, with registration No. 296 in 2016, and tax no 910 115 818.


The organization is working in order to support marginalized girls and women’s opportunities to access quality education in the country. The organization is managed by women for women and the funding comes mainly from members (monthly donations), private companies and fundraising activities organized yearly.

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About Npili School

The unfortunate reality today in Guinea-Bissau is that many girls are deprived the right to education. Their parents prefer to send them to work at a young age, or alternatively arrange early marriages for them as a source of income.
This is just one part of the discriminatory reality that these disadvantaged girls have to deal with every day, preventing them from developing, progressing and reaching their full potential.

The Npili School aims to create educational opportunities for underprivileged girls and their mothers. Being a boarding school, Npili School provides the girls an ideal enviroment for learning and growing up safe and happy. The school maintains a close relationship with the students' parents and communitiesץ We believe that our goal for change can be fully achieved only if we work together at all levels: school-family-community-government.

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